The Tabby Cat

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Tabby CatsTabby Cats
“Most people have owned a Tabby Cat at one point or another! Typically they have striped coats but can also have blotched, spotted or patchwork quilt patterns!”

Tabby Cats with stripes are the original pet cat coat designs!

The Tabby Cat is a well-known cat, with very familiar coat markings. There are actually five coat patterns for these cats. The striped Tabby Cat is the most popular and common type, called the Mackerel Tabby pattern. Other types include the Spotted Tabby, Ticked Tabby, Blotched Tabby, and Patched Tabby. The only striped coat pattern in domestic cats is actually the Mackerel Tabby pattern. Exotic Cats or wild cats also have members who have striped coats.

Tabby Cat markings have the classic dark and light banded hairs mixed with black hairs. These black hairs help create the tabby pattern by being clustered in “stripes” or clusters. The Mackerel Tabby has a light background with dark stripes on top. When stripes occur, they appear mostly vertical, thin, long and somewhat curved. The stomach and sides of the cat usually break the stripes into short bars… Read More

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