The Purple Sea Blade

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Purple Sea Blade - Pterogorgia ancepsPurple Sea Blade
Pterogorgia anceps

"I’m purple and it’s a special color! It’s the color of the mysterious, royalty, and the spiritual. Now don’t you think I’m all of that and more?!

The Purple Sea Blade can grow very tall and spread out it’s purple color to beautify

your aquarium!

The Purple Sea Blade Pterogorgia anceps, is quite often a darkish purple, making it true to its name. They can reach almost 3 feet (1 meter) in height, and of the Pterogorgia genus they are the largest. When you look at a cross section of the Purple Sea Blade, you will see 3 to 4 flat and flanged branches that look like and “X” or a “Y”, which helps give them the other names they are known by: The Angular Sea Whip and the Purple Ribbon… Read More

More about the Purple Sea Blade!


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