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Bristlenose CatfishBristlenose Catfish
“So you need a reliable algae cleaner? Look no further than me! I can get the job done!”

If you want an interesting looking catfish, the Bristlenose Catfish is the way to go!

Being very good tank cleaners, Bristlenose Catfish Ancistrus cirrhosus are very good at disguising themselves in the aquarium. They often blend in completely and can sit still without moving for hours at a time. It has often led fish owners to wondering if their catfish is even still alive! It can be very difficult to find and see them. Bristlenose Catfish are unique in their appearance, with bristles on their noses (hence their name), which is part of their fish appeal for fish enthusiasts. Other names they are called include the Bristlenose Pleco, the Jumbie teta, and the Bushynose Catfish.

The Bristlenose Catfish is also a great addition to an aquarium because of their great ability to help keep the algae down. They suck along glass, cleaning any algae that has grown there. They have a good reputation of actually getting the job done! They are herbivores and algae is a good food for them. They also like eating off of wood, such as driftwood, bogwood, and mopani. This is because these are the types of surfaces they eat off of in the wild and are more natural for them. So keep some type of wood in their environment for their happiness and well-being as well as for decorative purposes! Algae will continue to replenish on the wood surfaces and will be a good source of on-going food for them.

The Bristlenose Catfish Ancistrus cirrhosus is one of the two most readily available catfish within the Ancistrini tribe of catfish. The other commonly available one is the Temminck’s Bristlenose A. temminckii. These catfish are good for smaller aquariums because they are much smaller than the popular Pleco or Plecostomus Hypostomus plecostomusRead More

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