The Most Popular Types of Pet Turtles

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Types of Turtles

Kids always want pets to call their own. If you are not so keen on a dog or cat, choose a pet that they can easily take care of with little assistance from you. How about a turtle? Here are some of the most popular types of turtles.

Turtle Facts

Turtles are amphibians. This means that they are equally at home on land and in the water. They carry their home on their back which makes it quite convenient for moving. Their softer body is integrated into the shell which makes it great for balance. They don’t move fast but they do get where they want to go.

Turtles have a long life span, longer than many think. It is not uncommon for them to live 60 years or more. What a turtle enjoys most is freedom to move. When they have a vast enough surrounding environment to eat, sleep and sunbathe, they are happy.

Turtles make great pets for kids who are just discovering pets because they are quite low maintenance. As long as you provide for their basic needs, they are content.

Turtles do nip and bite. To avoid this spend time with your turtle and allow them to get to know you. They may be apprehensive when you first get them home, but with increased handling they will start to trust you and the biting will lessen if not stop completely.

Popular Turtle Types

1. Terrestrial Turtles

The most common and popular terrestrial turtle is the box turtle. These turtles are green and brown with yellow markings on their shells and underbelly. If you can see their eyes, they are also green in color.

They love grass, dirt and warm temperatures. If you have a fenced in back yard with shade trees, this is the ideal place for them to live. Be sure to create a sunning space for them (like a rock that is easy for them to climb on) to soothe their cold-blooded bodies. Box turtles usually eat small bits of fruit, bugs they can catch and vegetables. They will eat dog and cat food if you give it to them.

2. Aquatic Turtles

Another popular turtle is the slider. It is an aquatic turtle. This means that they are more comfortable in the water than on land. They have greenish brown shells with yellow stripes on their heads. As with box turtles, they can roam free in the back yard as long as you have a fenced in property to protect them from predators for their own safety.

A slider likes any place that is warm and has a permanent water feature. Outdoor ponds with foliage and rocks can suit a slider to a T. keeping the water clean is essential to preventing bacterial problems with their shells. They love to dig in the mud and gravel, so provide loose earth for them to bury themselves in a sunny spot. They often eat whatever they can find like vegetables, worms, small fish and commercial turtle food.

Want a turtle? The two most popular types are box turtles and sliders. Once you gain more experience, you can try raising other types as pets as well.

To learn more about turtles and tortoises, check out Animal-World’s Turtle and Tortoise Care page!


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