The Idaho Grape Montipora

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Idaho Grape Montipora - Montipora undataIdaho Grape Montipora
Montipora undata

“Can you guess what I am and where I’m from? I’m purple, but I am NOT a grape, and I’m NOT from Idaho!”

The Idaho Grape Montipora is a popular, very wanted, and expensive coral!

The Idaho Grape Montipora Montipora undata is an SPS (small polyp stony). It has beautiful colors and actually has not been assigned an “official” name. It is often called an “Idaho Grape” because of its common purple colors. Other colors it comes in are green, pink or brownish. It has contrasting polyps which are usually pink, brown, white and/or rust-colored. It is considered an aquacultured coral.

The M. undata is most often in digitat form or branching. The growth variations include vertical to horizontal tubes or plates, with the branches and columns growing fairly thick. Mature colonies are the best ones to observe these variations.

This Montipora is more of an intermediate coral in terms of care but is not as likely to get the typical diseases common to Acropora corals or to bleach. The biggest consideration is the temperature it’s kept at, and lighting and water movement are not quite as important… Read More

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