The funniest animal antics in the News This Week!

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A look at the lighter, brighter side of animal news this week!

The funny things that animals do bring smiles and joy to us all, and this week certainly offers up some treats!

Here’s five great stories, complete with videos and clips.

Pets adorned in pilgrim hats celebrating a Thanksgiving feast is awesome. But not to be outdone… are horses playing in the mud! dogs and cats snow sledding and making snow angels! birds whistling like robots, and more!

Five great stories of funny things that pets and animals do:

  • Small pets having a blast at their Thanksgiving feast!”

    A tiny hamster, a stylish bunny, and an exuberant rat are adorned in their pilgrim hats. Their doting human prepares a wonderful dinner which he serves up with a flourish.

    Once gathered around the holiday table they quickly (and silently!) settle into a feast for kings.

    Tiny Hamster & Friends Celebrate Thanksgiving

  • Vacuum kissing… a maximum cat passion!

    This cat is seriously dedicated to the experience of the sucking action of his vacuum.

    Watching this silly fellow will quickly have you laughing, but it’s best not to do this at home because many cleaners have a suction that is way too strong.

    Kitty Loves Kissing the Vacuum Cleaner Tube

  • Horses playing in the mud, just like a couple of kids!

    These two are just like kids. One of these “over-sized” children takes the lead rolling and splashing in mud.

    Now… if he could just get his buddy to take the plunge!

    Kids or horses, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

    Watch Horses Playing In Mud – Why Do They Love It So Much?

  • Pretty little blue parakeet takes center stage with R2-D2!

    this adorable parakeet is very talented, and his R2-D2 impression is just a start!

    Birds can imitate all sorts of things they hear, but this little guy is one of the most vocal parakeets.

    Parakeet Does the Perfect R2-D2 Impression

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Photo collage images derived from the YouTube Video A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving (Ep. 4).


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