The Fleshy Sea Pen Soft Coral

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Fleshy Sea Pen - Ptilosarcus gurneyiFleshy Sea Pen
Ptilosarcus gurneyi

"What looks like an antique quill pen but lives in the ocean? That’s right, ME!"

The Fleshy Sea Pen is very delicate, making it one of the most interesting corals!

The Fleshy Sea Pen Ptilosarcus gurneyi is not a stony coral, but a soft coral. It is one of the Octocorals but it differs from them in a few ways. Most soft corals attach themselves to hard substrates, but the Fleshy Sea Pen uses it’s own bulb shape to anchor into soft ocean bottom areas. This also makes it fairly easy for them to dislodge themselves and move around… Read More

More about the Fleshy Sea Pen!


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