The Flagfin Angelfish or Three-Spot Angelfish

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Flagfin Angelfish or Three-spot Angelfish,  Apolemichthys trimaculatusFlagfin Angelfish
Three-spot Angelfish
Apolemichthys trimaculatus

I have a few spots on my bright yellow body – can you find them?

The Flagfin Angelfish is also called the Three-spot Angelfish – because of its three


The Flagfin Angelfish Apolemichthys trimaculatus is considered a very beautiful angel. Its main color is bright yellow, with an obvious black spot on its forehead and a purple mouth. This angel can grow fairly large – reaching 9.8″ (25 cm)! It has another common name – the Three-spot Angelfish – because of the three spots it has. These are a spot above the eye, the spot on its forehead, and faded spots behind each of its gill covers.

The Apolemichthys genus has eight species within it. The Flagfin Angelfish is the most common and is imported the most frequently. Most of the angels in this genus are considered to be quite hardy, but unfortunately the Flagfin Angelfish is not among the hardy ones. These angelfish are difficult to maintain for a long time in home aquariums. The main reason for this is they have special dietary needs that are hard to mimic in an aquarium… Read More

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