The Coral Beauty Angelfish: A Great Beginner Saltwater Fish

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Coral Beauty AngelfishCoral Beauty Angelfish
“Now here’s a tough little angelfish for a beginner aquarium. This small beauty is one of the all time favorites!”

The Coral Beauty Angelfish is genuinely “beautiful”… with many marine aquarists

favoring it!

The Coral Beauty AngelfishCentropyge bispinosa is one of a few dwarf angelfish species and is one of the more popular ones. These fish do not grow overly large, with a full grown length of 4 inches (10 cm). This gives them the appearance of being just a small version of a large angelfish! Even more importantly, the Coral Beauty has more lenient care requirements than many of the larger angelfish. This makes them ideal for beginners. In addition to being a relatively small marine fish, they are also fairly inexpensive and easy to find. In the pet industry, the Coral Beauty Angelfish is the second most commonly bought dwarf angel. The Flame Angelfish is the most common. Other names the Coral Beauty Angelfish goes by are the Dusky Angelfish and the Twospine Angelfish.

Many different colors and patterns with varied intensities are found in the wild. They are considered to be quite attractive. The most common coloring consists of red or orange with dark blue striping and a purple head and fins. Other somewhat common colors include all blue, orange, white, or yellow. They also sometimes don’t have vertical stripes or a purple head and fins. From the Philippines, imported Coral Beauty Angelfish often have a blue-red combination coloring. A desirable quality in these particular angelfish is that their colors do not fade with age!

Coral Beauty Angelfish are peaceful fish and resistant to disease. They have the same intelligence as larger angelfish. They don’t pick fights with other fish unless kept in small tanks where they feel they have to fight for some territory. In general, they can be kept with fish of the same size and smaller who have similar dispositions. They love lots of hiding places. As long as they are fed enough they will leave most corals alone… Read More

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