The Blasto Coral

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Blasto Coral - Blastomussa wellsiBlasto Coral
Blastomussa wellsi

“What’s the best way to have a blast?… Consider adding a Blasto Coral to your aquarium!”

The Blasto Coral is a unique coral and is popular among aquarists!

The Blasto Coral is one of the Blastomussa Corals and they have many color variations. The Blasto Coral Blastomussa wellsi is actually one of two Blastomussa corals that many people like. The other one is the Pineapple Coral Blastomussa merleti.

Most people actually prefer the The Blasto Coral B. wellsi over the B. merleti because it can be aquacultured into many colors – such as purple, green, pink, red, yellow and occasionally blue, as well as a many combinations of these colors. But it does have downfalls, such as being more difficult to care for and maintain. This coral also goes by the names Open Brain Coral, Swollen Brain Coral, Wellsi’s Brain Coral, Blastomussa Coral, Big Pipe Blastomussa, Pineapple Coral, and Blastomussa Wellsi… Read More

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