The Kenya Tree Coral

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Kenya Tree Coral - Capnella sp.Kenya Tree Coral
Capnella sp.

"I’m just an easy care beauty that will grow like a weed, a saltwater weed that is!"

The Kenya Tree Coral is a great soft coral for beginners!

The Kenya Tree Coral Capnella sp. is extremely hardy once established in an aquarium and easily propagated. This makes them a very good beginner coral. It is definitely the strongest coral of all the Nephtheidae family genera and most people have vast success with them. As a matter of fact, they are so easily grown and kept that if you are part of a reef club or know people with reefs, many people will give one of theirs for free!… Read More

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The Tree Coral

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Tree Coral - Lemnalia sp.Tree Coral
Lemnalia sp.

"I’m a tall and skinny soft coral, but that doesn’t mean I’m a clutz. I’m actually quite dignified, stately, and even graceful!"

The Tree Coral belongs to the Lemnalia genus, and it is a wiry, thin and tall soft coral!

The Lemnalia genus, in which the Tree Coral belongs, is part of the Nephtheidae family. The Tree Coral is relatively thin compared to other corals in that family and it also does not have polyps. It’s polyps are on it’s branches instead, and they are pretty scarce, not dense like many others in the family… Read More

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Carnation Coral

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Carnation Coral - Dendronephthya sp.Carnation Coral
Dendronephthya sp.

"If you like carnations, and you like aquariums, I can offer you the best of both worlds!"


The Carnation Coral loves a pristine home and is very beautiful, however it has

specialized needs, making it difficult to keep in a home aquarium!

The Carnation Coral Dendronephthya sp. originates in the tropical reefs and is quite an exotic looking soft coral. It has more color combinations (including it’s stalks) than almost any other soft coral, including greens, purples, whites, oranges, bright reds, pinks, and yellows. They can also change colors – which makes them even more spectacular! Common names for this coral are: the Carnation Coral, Colored Cauliflower Coral, Ledge Coral, Carnation Tree Coral, and the Tree Coral. The Strawberry Coral is an extremely brilliant pink or red specimen!… Read More

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