The Waving Hand Coral

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Waving Hand Coral - Anthelia sp.Waving Hand Coral
Anthelia sp.

"How about a coral in your tank that greets you? I can do that! Can you feel the love?"

The Waving Hand Coral has long tentacles coming from its polyps, which look like


The Waving Hand Coral or Anthelia sp. is an encrusting genus, which is the main thing that separates it from other Xeniids. They have an encrusting mat which their long and cylindrical polyps grow from. At the top of these polyps they have eight pinnate (feathering) tentacles which are very long. Other names this coral goes by include the Feather Coral, the Glove Coral, and the Pulse Coral… Read More

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The Pulse Coral

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Pulse Coral - Xenia sp.Pulse Coral
Xenia sp.

"For a bouquet of flowers swaying in your reef, Xenia corals are the all time favorite. But watch out, they can become a weed"

The Pulse Coral is considered very beautiful, due to its shape and pulsing action!

The Pulse Corals Xenia sp. are very popular among reef aquarists. Their heads pulse and their polyps wave in the water, which is very soothing to watch. These corals generally grow in the direction that the water is flowing, which makes it fairly easy to manipulate where and how they grow in an aquarium. Many people like to have them grow up the back of their aquarium for a nice visual effect… Read More

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