The Senegal Parrot as a Pet

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Senegal ParrotSenegal Parrot
“What could be a more excellent pet than a splendid little fellow like me. Friendly, brains and color all in one… I dance, perform, and talk up a storm!”

The Senegal Parrot is a small parrot, but has a big bird personality!

The Senegal Parrot Poicephalus senegalus, are also called the Yellow-vented Parrot, is a delightful small parrot and can be easily trained. They are known for their mischievousness and acrobatics! They adapt quickly and easily to new environments and will become your companion quickly, wanting to cuddle as soon as they get used to you! People who own a Senegal Parrot often say they are great companions and are a source of amusement.

Senegal Parrots love to have routines in their lives and definitely get to know their owners habits. They need interaction with their owners so make sure you spend at least an hour a day with your parrot because they need social interaction, even if that just means holding him/her while you are watching TV. Senegal Parrots are known for becoming very attached to their human companion and can become jealous of other people when they come around. If there are several people who live in a new Senegal Parrots home, make sure to socialize the bird with all members of the household to avoid too much possessiveness on the part of the Senegal… Read More

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The African Grey Congo Parrot

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African Grey CongoAfrican Grey Congo
“A looker, a talker, and a comic all in one, that’s the Congo African Grey Parrot, also known as the Red-Tailed Grey Parrot!”

Being an astounding talker, The African Grey Congo Parrot is a well-loved bird!

The African Grey Congo Parrot Psittacus erithacus is one of the most intelligent pet birds and is also quite beautiful. Being great talkers with an amazing ability to articulate, they have achieved a larger vocabulary than any other bird. They can learn over 200 words as well as perform countless tricks. They love to imitate their environment sounds, which also means they love to copy their human companions! Read More

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