The Hawk-headed Parrot

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Hawk-Headed ParrotHawk-Headed Parrot
“Technically I’m not a hawk – I just look like one! Another name I go by is the Red Fan Parrot.”

The Hawk-Headed Parrot looks like a hawk because of it’s ability to make a ruff around

its head!

The Hawk-Headed Parrot has a unique ability. They can raise their neck feathers quite extensively when they become excited or agitated which gives them a a hawk-like appearance! Most parrots can raise their feathers to some degree, but the Hawk-headed Parrot can do it to a much larger extent! The colorful neck feathers look almost like an open fan when they are displayed fully, which is where they get their other common name – the Red Fan Parrot.

The Hawk-headed Parrot is known for its intelligence and personality that can range from being endearing, adventurous, and mischievous, and fearless. They love to entertain their human friends and always have new antics to show you! It has some behaviors that just seem absolutely bizarre. They also are extremely friendly birds and will follow you around all day if you let them… Read More

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Types of Parrots

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Parrot TypesTypes of Parrots
"Looking for a unique parrot? Great family pet birds. Bird guides for medium to small parrots that look fabulous, talk, and love to play!"

The Hawk-Headed Parrot is an example of only one of the many fun and amazing pet


There are several types of parrots, and you can most likely find one to suit whatever your needs be, whether an aviary bird, or simply a nice pet parrot companion! Total around the world, there are 372 identified parrot species. Most of them come from Central America, South America, and Australasia, however there are parrots that come from several other regions as well… Read More

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