Elephant Ear Coral

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Elephant Ear Coral - Sarcophyton trocheliophorumElephant Ear Coral
Sarcophyton trocheliophorum

"I can get big, I’m all ears, and I’m dressed in ruffles… What am I?

The Elephant Ear Coral has a ruffled look and is considered a mushroom coral or

large toadstool!

Being a favored leather coral in the Sarcophyton genus, the Elephant Ear Coral (or Green Toadstool Coral), Sarcophyton trocheliophorum is often kept by enthusiasts. As it grows, this coral develops deep folds in its cap, and it also looks similar to mushrooms and toadstools. The name Elephant Ear comes from these deep folds. Thus the name Elephant Ear. This is also a great beginner’s coral due to it’s tough nature, and it adds variety to a soft coral tank… Read More

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Common Toadstool Coral

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Common Toadstool Coral - Sarcophyton glaucumCommon Toadstool Coral
Sarcophyton glaucum

"Looking for a great beginner soft coral? I’m tall handsome, and a great keeper!"


The easy care Common Toadstool Leather is large and handsome, and a plentiful soft coral!

The Common Toadstool Coral Sarcophyton glaucum is one of the well-known and readily available soft corals. Like other leather corals in the Sarcophyton genus, it resembles a mushroom or toadstool. Consequently the S. glaucum has many names similar to other leathers such as Toadstool Leather Coral, Mushroom Leather Coral, Cup Leather Coral, Toadstool, Umbrella Coral, and Mushroom Coral. When ordering this or any other leather coral, its best to make sure you use the scientific name… Read More

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