The California Hydrocoral

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California Hydrocoral - Stylaster californicusCalifornia Hydrocoral
Stylaster californicus

“I’m related to the beautiful Fire Coral, but without its fiercesome sting!”

The California Hydrocoral has many brilliant color variations, including a

beautiful yellow!

The California Hydrocoral Stylaster californicus grows in many different formations. They can have tangled and dense networks of brittle branches or have pointed tip and delicate lace-like formations. They have a variety of colors from orange to purple and pinkish purple, and these are most attractive on a smooth surface.

These corals can be arborescent (tree-like) or encrusting on occasion, but generally are more delicately laced branches which grow on the same plane. Stylaster corals have smooth surfaces with thick tissue. Most of their common colors come in orane, white, yellow, purple, and pink with white margins. Their colors are known for being quite bright. Other names the California Hydrocoral goes by include just the Hydrocoral, the Fire Coral, the Lace Coral, and the Rose Lace Coral… Read More

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The Acan Echinata (Coral)

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Acan Echinata - Acanthastrea echinataAcan Echinata
Acanthastrea echinata

“If you want all colors of the rainbow in your reef, try the Acan Echinata!”

The Acan Echinata comes in all rainbow colors and is quite beautiful!

The Acan Echinata Acanthastrea echinata is a member of the Mussidae family and is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral. They come in color combinations of brilliant oranges, reds and greens. This is the most popular Acanthastrea species after the Acan Lord A. lordhowensis. Other names the A. echinata are called by include the Starry Cup Coral, Pineapple Coral, Echinata Coral, Artichoke Coral, Rainbow Acan, Acan Brain Coral, and the Rainbow Acanthastrea.

The A. echinata has been bred and grown in captivity very successfully which has led to a variety of colors being available. Colors that come from captive bred specimens include rust oranges, gray lavenders, green combinations, and fused or grafted specimens that have more than one color. Specimens which are propagated to have certain color combinations are often called names such as the Rainbow Acan Echinata, the Orange Crush Acan Echinata, the Lavender Green Acan Echinata, and so on… Read More

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