The Cabbage Leather Coral – Lobophytum crassum

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Cabbage Leather Coral - Lobophytum crassumCabbage Leather Coral
Lobophytum crassum

"No, this cabbage is NOT supper… Though it looks good enough to eat!

This Cabbage Leather Coral is very plentiful and easy to care for!

The Cabbage Leather Coral, Lobophytum crassum is an octocoral and is very well known in the coral world. These soft corals form low encrusting colonies and have lobed projections that protrude from their heavy and thick outside “skin.” They actually do look very similar to cabbages and other common names are the Flower Coral, the Rabbit Ear Leather Coral, and the Lobbed Leather Coral… Read More

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Devil’s Hand Coral

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Devil's Hand Coral - Lobophytum Sp.Devil’s Hand Coral
Lobophytum Sp.

"Oh my gosh, even in the ocean the devil has a hand!

The Devil’s Finger Coral allows an aquarium to have a beautiful and colorful display!

In general, the Devil’s Finger Coral Lobophytum sp. is a relatively easy to care for and to reproduce. They have a large variance in the shapes and colors that are produced and this genus can make a great challenge for advanced aquarists to breed for the variations.

This coral can be brittle when held, so you will want to be careful when handling it. Their outside is fleshy feeling with many projections. Their colonies that form are low and encrusting and can be either erect or bowl-shaped. In the wild they can grow to over 1 meter or 3 feet in diameter… Read More

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