Common Cat Behavioral Problems

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Tweet Cats are quite self-sufficient. They do love their owners but can get a little out of hand when they want something. Keep reading to find out some common reasons why Fluffy might be going off the rails and how to deal with cat behavioral problems. Cats are very intelligent animals. They are also capable […]

Animal-World’s Featured Pet of the Week: The Scottish Fold Cat!

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Animal-World’s Featured Pet for this week is: The Scottish Fold Cat! I thought that because there have been a couple recent cat posts I would write about an interesting cat breed this week. The Scottish Fold Cat! Has anyone ever owned one of these? They are not as popular as regular pet cats, but they […]

The Benefits of a Feral Cat Program

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Feral cats have never learned to socialize with humans and often cause problems for people. Some animal groups are working to help these cats to live a healthier and friendlier existence by working with Feral Cat Programs. Feral or Lost? Feral cats are wild cats. They have either been abandoned by owners at an early […]

Adopting a Kitten

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Adopting a Kitten: The Basics Are you in need of a new companion for your home? Maybe a pet will help to bring new purpose into your life. If you are looking to adopt a kitten, here are some basics you might want to know first. The Benefit of Pets Pets are loving and kind. […]

Cat Care – How to Take Care of a Cat

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Cat Care "Having a cat in your family can be a great experience for years!" Giving your cat proper care will result in a wonderful pet with a happy and long life! Cats are great pets. They provide friendship, love and joy. Feline companions have been involved with thousands of deep and powerful cat-human bonds […]