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Haflinger - Equus caballusHaflinger
Equus caballus

"I am a powerful, hard-working horse!"

With a heritage traced to the Alpine mountain ponies, the Haflinger is very hardy and strong,

but also sweet tempered!

The Haflinger, also known as the Avelignese is a rather small but sturdy chestnut colored horse descended down from the Tyrolean ponies of Austria and northern Italy. These horses only stand between 13 to 15 hands high, however they are ponies… Read More

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Clydesdale - Equus caballusClydesdale
Equus caballus

"I have a quiet and calm temperament, but I sure do eat a lot!"

As a draft/heavy horse, the Clydesdale is one of the most popular horses of its kind

in the world!

Clydesdales are heavy draft horses with high stepping gaits and beautiful coats. Most people immediately think of the Clydesdale as the primary symbol of the draft horses. In the past they became popular used as carriage horses because of their beauty, and still today they are used as fancy carriage horses and put in show rings. The Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales are the most-well known of this breed… Read More

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Equus caballus

"I often serve as a symbol of the American West!"

Mustangs have run as wild horses in North America for several hundred years,

and still do today!

The American Mustang is descended from the Spanish horses that were brought with the Conquistadors in the 16th Century. At one time over one million Mustangs roamed over most of North and Central America. A hardy animal, the Mustang has survived in the wild for several hundred years.

The Mustang is the embodiment of the spirit and freedom of the early development of the United States. It is often thought of as a symbol of the American West and is considered one of the native American horses… Read More

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Connemara Pony

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Connemara Pony - Equus caballusConnemara Pony
Equus caballus

"I’m a well-known sports pony, I love to jump and win all sorts of competitions!"

The Connemara Pony is Ireland’s only indigenous pony!

The Connemara Pony was bred, and gets its name from, the Connemara Region in the western part of Ireland. This is an area of rugged rocky and mountainous terrain. It’s pounded by the tide and the storms of the Atlantic. The Connemara is a hardy and tough pony breed, yet agile with a good jumping ability. These very durable ponies are easy keepers and known to be long-lived, easily living into their 30’s… Read More

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