The Green Hairy Mushroom

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Green Hairy MushroomGreen Hairy Mushroom
"I’m called ‘green’, and I often am, but I can be pink and brown and a combo of colors too. But no matter how you paint me, I’m still a whole bunch of hairy!"

How could you not want a Green Hairy Mushroom in your coral reef?

The Green Hairy Mushroom is a very popular mushroom to have. It is part of the Rhodactis genus and almost everyone with an coral reef aquarium has one or wishes they had one. They are very pretty, easy to take care of, relatively inexpensive to buy, and usually abundant in pet stores or online… Read More

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The Elephant Ear Mushroom

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Elephant Ear MushroomElephant Ear Mushroom
"What’s big, leathery, wavy or folded, and can take over the center of a large reef aquarium? That’s right!… ME!"

The Elephant Ear Mushroom has a shape similar to an elephants ear – hence it’s name!

The Elephant Ear Mushroom, or Rhodactis mussoides, is a fairly large mushroom, especially in its genus. They do very well in large aquariums because they can reach up to 15″ (40 cm) in diameter and have a very leafy appearance. Many people believe it is an elegant way to fill an aquarium and is impressive to look at… Read More

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