Elephant Ear Coral

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Elephant Ear Coral - Sarcophyton trocheliophorumElephant Ear Coral
Sarcophyton trocheliophorum

"I can get big, I’m all ears, and I’m dressed in ruffles… What am I?

The Elephant Ear Coral has a ruffled look and is considered a mushroom coral or

large toadstool!

Being a favored leather coral in the Sarcophyton genus, the Elephant Ear Coral (or Green Toadstool Coral), Sarcophyton trocheliophorum is often kept by enthusiasts. As it grows, this coral develops deep folds in its cap, and it also looks similar to mushrooms and toadstools. The name Elephant Ear comes from these deep folds. Thus the name Elephant Ear. This is also a great beginner’s coral due to it’s tough nature, and it adds variety to a soft coral tank… Read More

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Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian

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Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian - Briareum stecheiPacific Encrusting Gorgonian
Briareum stechei

"I’m a star polyp with very feathery tentacles. I’m pretty and hardy too, and I will grow anything!”

The Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian is easy to take care of, propagate, and is

very adaptable!

The Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian – Briareum stechei – is a durable gorgonian. This common species is found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In the wild they are found in waters that range from a couple inches deep to over 100 feet deep (30 m). These corals mostly form encrusting corals that are unbranced and have a low profile stolon (mat). A few of these will also grow erect and form upright stalks that are thick and short from the mat. Read More

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Red Striped Mushroom

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Red Striped MushroomRed Striped Mushroom
"I’m often called a Red Mushroom, Red-brown Mushroom, and even a Pimples Mushroom. One look at my face and you can see why!

The shade of this mushroom depends entirely on where it’s original location is!

Other names for the Red Stripe Mushroom A. ferrugatus are the Pimples Mushroom, the Red Mushroom, or the Red-brown Mushroom. Due to it’s rusty brown color, it is very recognizable. The location that they originate from dictates their color – the most red ones originate in Hawaii! These are attractive mushrooms, with beautiful ruffled edges – great for spicing up an aquarium! Read More

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Green Star Polyps

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Green Star Polyps - Pachyclavularia violaceaGreen Star Polyps
Pachyclavularia violacea

"I’m a star! So what makes me a star? Hint: my beautiful starburst polyps!"


An extremely soft and durable soft coral, Green Star Polyps make wonderful beginner corals!

The Green Star Polyps – Pachyclavularia violacea is a beautiful and robust coral. It’s tentacles can range anywhere from green, yellow or light green, and it’s mat is red or purple. There are a total of 8 tentacles, which are long, smooth, and thin – which is in contrast to other encrusting gorgonians that have feathery tentacles. The tentacles protect it’s mouth, which is in the center of the coral and is yet even another color… Read More

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Radiating Mushroom Coral

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Radiating Mushroom CoralRadiating Mushroom Coral
"Called the Fine Striped Mushroom, or just Striped Mushroom, this guy is a true classic for the sophisticated reef tank

With beautiful stripes that radiate from it’s center, the Radiating Mushroom Coral

lives up to its name!

Two other names for the Radiating Mushroom Coral Actinodiscus striata are the Striped Mushroom and the Fine Striped Mushroom. Coming in many different colors, they all the same theme – radial stripes coming from their centers. Only reaching 2-3″ (5-8 cm), their oral disc may contain small bumps or have a completely smooth surface. This coral multiplies entirely on its own and is quite hardy – which can end up giving you many more mushrooms in your aquarium… Read More

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Carnation Coral

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Carnation Coral - Dendronephthya sp.Carnation Coral
Dendronephthya sp.

"If you like carnations, and you like aquariums, I can offer you the best of both worlds!"


The Carnation Coral loves a pristine home and is very beautiful, however it has

specialized needs, making it difficult to keep in a home aquarium!

The Carnation Coral Dendronephthya sp. originates in the tropical reefs and is quite an exotic looking soft coral. It has more color combinations (including it’s stalks) than almost any other soft coral, including greens, purples, whites, oranges, bright reds, pinks, and yellows. They can also change colors – which makes them even more spectacular! Common names for this coral are: the Carnation Coral, Colored Cauliflower Coral, Ledge Coral, Carnation Tree Coral, and the Tree Coral. The Strawberry Coral is an extremely brilliant pink or red specimen!… Read More

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Green Metallic Mushroom

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Green Metallic MushroomGreen Metallic Mushroom
"This mushroom has is a very pretty color
pallet, especially with a metallic touch, and it can look ‘fuzzy’ too!"


The common names Brown Mushroom or Fuzzy Mushroom may draw a mental picture of a

drab mushroom,but this guy has a few color surprises!

The Actinodiscus malaccensis species is also known as the Metallic Mushroom or Green Metallic Mushroom, and can be a very attractive mushroom indeed. These mushroom corals come in brown, green, gray or beige-brown and they have little short tentacles that can be a combination of these colors. The name Fuzzy Mushroom denotes a much more pronounced texture than other mushrooms in this genus, and they will grab larger particulate matter from the water column… Read More

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Finger Leather Coral

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Finger Leather Coral - Alcyonium sp.Finger Leather Coral
Alcyonium sp.

"What has fingers, feels like leather, looks like a chili pepper, is called a colt… and lives in all the worlds oceans?

Very fast growing and easy to take care of, the familiar Finger Leather Coral is a

very popular soft coral!

The Alcyonium sp. (Finger Leather Coral) typically is found in temperate, warm, and subtropical waters around the world. They are extremely easy to take care of, which makes them a favorite and popular coral for beginners. In a reef aquarium they adapt to cool water, warm water, bright lights, low lights, just about any environment they are introduced to… Read More

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Hedgehog Coral

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Hedgehog Coral - Echinopora Sp.Hedgehog Coral
Echinopora Sp.

"Eye-catching colors and wild shapes, this coral has several fascinating varieties!"

The Hedgehog Coral often forms amazing relationships with Clown gobies –

give it a try keeping them together!

Clown Goby’s from the genus Gobiodon have similar living habits with the Echinopora genus (including the hedgehog coral) as the more popular clownfish do with anemones. These coral gobies love to make their homes among both Hedgehog Corals and other corals such as the Acroporas and will sometimes even spawn in a reef aquarium if given enough individual territories and free room. The gobies only reach about 2 1/2 inches, have a toxic body slime, and are very energetic! A great combination to have in a coral reef aquarium!.. Read More

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Torch Coral

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Torch Coral - Euphyllia glabrescensTorch Coral
Euphyllia glabrescens

"How about a little Metallic Green Coral in the mix, just to brighten things up!"

The Torch Coral is not only beautiful, but can also be a great surrogate anemone

for your clownfish!

The gorgeous Torch Coral E. glabrescens really stands out from the other Euphyllia spp. with its flowing tentacles. The tentacles are straight with no branching and are generally very long and thin, eliminating the use for sweeper tentacles. They are tipped in a contrasting color of cream, green, or white, hence its common name. It is also a branching species… Read More

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