The Finger Leather Coral

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Finger Leather Coral - Alcyonium sp.Finger Leather Coral
Alcyonium sp.

"What has fingers, feels like leather, looks like a chili pepper, is called a colt… and lives in all the worlds oceans?

Being a fast grower and easy to care for, the Finger Leather Coral is a great soft coral

for aquarists!

The Finger Leather Coral Alcyonium sp. is a great soft coral for beginners. They can survive in a variety of conditions – including different water temperatures, and different lighting conditions. In the wild the Alcyonium genus is found in all types of water including temperate, warm, and subtropical waters. They are found in basically all world waters and are easy to take care of… Read More

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Colt Coral

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Colt Coral - Cladiella Sp.Colt Coral
Cladiella Sp.

"Big lumpy fingers full of fluff is the best way to describe me… I just don’t know where "colt" came from!"


The Colt Coral has heavy lumpy looking “fingers” covered with fluffy polyps,

and they grow in all directions!

The Colt Coral Cladiella sp. is a popular and easy care leather coral that is readily available for the reef aquarium. It has projections resembling fingers that are round to cone-shaped, and stubby. These thick finger-like projections branch upward from a very short, pale white stalk. They will fork and grow more projections, which grow out in all directions. They have polyps that are fully retractable, yet when extended are well tufted, giving it a very fluffy appearance. All total these characteristics give a “thicker” look to their colonies… Read More

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