The Tree Coral

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Tree Coral - Lemnalia sp.Tree Coral
Lemnalia sp.

"I’m a tall and skinny soft coral, but that doesn’t mean I’m a clutz. I’m actually quite dignified, stately, and even graceful!"

The Tree Coral belongs to the Lemnalia genus, and it is a wiry, thin and tall soft coral!

The Lemnalia genus, in which the Tree Coral belongs, is part of the Nephtheidae family. The Tree Coral is relatively thin compared to other corals in that family and it also does not have polyps. It’s polyps are on it’s branches instead, and they are pretty scarce, not dense like many others in the family… Read More

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Torch Coral

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Torch Coral - Euphyllia glabrescensTorch Coral
Euphyllia glabrescens

"How about a little Metallic Green Coral in the mix, just to brighten things up!"

The Torch Coral is not only beautiful, but can also be a great surrogate anemone

for your clownfish!

The gorgeous Torch Coral E. glabrescens really stands out from the other Euphyllia spp. with its flowing tentacles. The tentacles are straight with no branching and are generally very long and thin, eliminating the use for sweeper tentacles. They are tipped in a contrasting color of cream, green, or white, hence its common name. It is also a branching species… Read More

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