This Week in the Animal World: Pet Lions in the swimming pool, and more!

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Tweet Pet and Animal Roundup, What’s New this Week? Latest web chatter about the animal world; funny, inspirational, unbelievable, smart, and dumb! To help you stay up to date with what’s happening in the animal world on social media and the news, here are some of the pet and animal items that caught our attention. […]

Fastest Animals, Peregrine Falcon Smoothly Outstrips Free-falling Skydivers

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The Peregrine Falcon, fastest animal on earth, once again shows its dominance over all others! Affectionately called Lady, this falcon easily surpasses skydivers with speeds of at least 180 mph! Journalist Steve Leonard ascended 10,000 feet on a hot air balloon, carrying a speedometer and a lure that Lady had been trained to hunt. Steve […]

World Habitat Day, Commemorate With Purpose

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The world is our habitat! Let’s commemorate this day in such a manner that it reverberates for a lifetime! The first Monday in October is World Habitat Day. Designated by the United Nations, it was first commemorated in 1986 and continues to be recognized annually. This day is set aside to consider the basic right […]

National Wildlife Day 2014, a Lifesaving celebration

September 4, 2014 by  
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Giraffe family at Hoogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, UT Celebrating wildlife! National Wildlife Day reminds us of our role in conservation and as animal caretakers! Since the beginning of time the journey of wildlife has been enfolding. Today is set aside to honor where wildlife has been and where it’s going. But most importantly, it […]

Darn Cute Animal, Do You Know What it is?

August 28, 2014 by  
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Photo Wiki Commons, courtesyEugenia and Julian A very cute animal that you may think is a Zorse… but it’s not of course! This adorable fellow looks kind of like a horse and kind of like a Zebra, but it is neither, nor is it a cross breed! We all know lots of cute animals. Dogs, […]

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