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Serval Cats as PetsServal Cats as Pets
“Are you thinking of acquiring a wild cat as a pet? Serval Cats are considered one of the best exotic cats to own – and here are the basics of their care!”

The African Serval is not an overly large exotic cat species, and it has long ears!

Serval Cats, also known as African Servals originate from Africa. These are popular exotic pet cats because of having similar characteristics to typical house cats. They are very loving towards their human owners, however they have a much more wild side than domestic cats and act on their instincts much more strongly. Servals are relatively small for wild cats – ranging from 18 to 40 pounds, with males often being larger. They are larger than most domestic cats, but in comparison to the largest exotic wild cats, such as the Siberian Tiger which reaches 400 to 760 pounds, they are small.

Seven different small wild cats are kept as pets, however the African Serval is the most popular and the most distinctive in looks. Although they look similar to cheetahs they are actually a completely different cat species. The Serval has a reddish to yellowish brown coat with dark stripes and spots which makes it stand out. The Black Serval and Woodland Servaline are two Serval varieties whose patterns include significantly smaller spots. Servals bodies are long and lean with long back legs that are somewhat longer than their front legs. They also have narrow heads and long ears… Read More

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