Reef Tanks – Mini Reef Aquarium Guide

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Reef Tanks - Mini Reef Aquarium GuideReef Tanks
Mini Reef Aquarium Guide

"Reef aquarium setup. How to set up any reef, large reef tanks to Nano reef tanks, Pico and MIcro reefs too!"

Mini Reef Aquariums can be as small or large as you want – from only a few gallons to

hundreds of gallons!

A mini reef is an aquarium set up in one’s home that keeps corals, invertebrates, and fish from the ocean that are allowed to be kept as pets. They can make for a very lively and entertaining centerpiece in your home! There is even rock used in reef aquariums called “live rock” due to all the little organisms that live and grow on it!

Actual reef aquariums differ from the a regular saltwater aquarium because they have actual corals, invertebrates and anemones rather than just fish with fake decorations in the tank… Read More!

More about Mini Reef Aquariums!


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