Pet Loss

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Pet Loss

Pet Loss: When to Buy a New Pet

Pets are not just animals to most people, but a member of the family. The loss of a pet can be devastating. If you are thinking of buying a new puppy or kitten for a friend or family member, who has suffered a loss, keep reading this first.

More than a pet

It is a fact that pets can add years to your life. They have been shown to lower stress levels, blood pressure and risk of disease. Pets have improved the constitution of residents of nursing homes with regular visits.

Dogs and cats, among other animals, become our best friends and constant companions. For the animal’s part, they enjoy a family that loves them and provides for their needs. It can come as a great shock when that pet passes on. Not just children are saddened by the death. Adults, who may have had their pet since they were kids, mourn the loss.

Some think that buying another pet shortly after will help the griever cope with the loss. This is not always the case. We’d like to offer some guidelines to help you know when it is time to bring a new pet into your home.

Guidelines for New Pets

1. Learn to grieve fully
– When you experience a loss, there is no telling how your emotions will play up. There is no time limit on grief. A favorite toy on the floor, a pet bed, or even a certain route that you walk could all bring up painful memories. It is natural to feel such things. Don’t rush yourself with the process. Take as much time as you need.

2. Consider the household – Are the other members of the family ready for a new addition to the home? What about your pets? If you have more than one pet in the home, it may not be easy to assimilate another one into the group. They are suffering a loss as well. Take into account the length of time it will take for dogs and/or cats to adjust if a new pet is introduced.

3. Say goodbye – Saying what you want to your deceased pet has a big impact on how you will get on without them. Have a burial service; have a cremation service where you spread their ashes in a treasured place. Both give each family member a chance to say last words.

4. Know when it’s time – Over time, the pain will grow less even though you will never forget your beloved pet. When it doesn’t hurt so much to look at their things or remember them fondly, you are getting closer to the day when you can choose another companion.

Losing a family pet can be hard. But, buying a new pet right away is not usually the answer. Before you add another pet, be sure that you are ready.


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