Palm Tree Polyps

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Palm Tree Polyps - Clavularia Sp.Palm Tree Polyps
Clavularia Sp.

“How about a grove of palm trees in your reef aquarium? This beauty can do just that!”

The Palm Tree Polyps are an easy to care for and beautiful coral!

The Palm Tree Polyps C. viridis is named after the way it looks – like a palm tree! Actually, its tentacles look like palm fronds and each one is surrounded by what is called a pinnule or feathery looking structure. The coloring varies and can include yellow, green or tan in different areas. Other names the Palm Tree Polyps are called are Fern Polyps and Clove Polyps.

Out of the many Clove Polyps, the Palm Tree Polyps is only one! The polyps are contained within unlayered flat stolons that are connected and housed in a structure that reminds you of mesh. These corals are mat-like and encrust. The mats as well can be a variety of colors – including gray, tan or brown. The tubular calyces that house the polyps are small – only 0.5 to 2 inches tall (1 to 5 cm). The size depends on the species. There are a total of 8 tentacles, which again come in a variety of colors! White, brown, purple, green, yellow, and pink with possibly a combination of contrasting colors. Also, if needed the polyps have a base that allows complete retraction… Read More

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