Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian

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Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian - Briareum stecheiPacific Encrusting Gorgonian
Briareum stechei

"I’m a star polyp with very feathery tentacles. I’m pretty and hardy too, and I will grow anything!”

The Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian is easy to take care of, propagate, and is

very adaptable!

The Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian – Briareum stechei – is a durable gorgonian. This common species is found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In the wild they are found in waters that range from a couple inches deep to over 100 feet deep (30 m). These corals mostly form encrusting corals that are unbranced and have a low profile stolon (mat). A few of these will also grow erect and form upright stalks that are thick and short from the mat. Read More

More about the Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian!


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