Organ Pipe Coral

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Organ Pipe Coral - Tubipora musicaOrgan Pipe Coral
Tubipora musica

“Want a little music in your reef tank? Check out the awesome ‘red pipes’ on this Pipe Organ Coral!”

The Organ Pipe Coral actually resembles and organ with its unique red calcite tubes!

The Organ Pipe Coral Tubipora musica is not a stony coral, but a unique soft coral. Similar to the Green Star Polyps Pachyclavularia violacea, this coral has mat polyps and is a member of the Tubiporidae Family. Only one other type of the Octocorals has an external skeleton that calcifies like the Organ Pipe Coral, and that is the Blue Coral or Blue Fire Coral Heliopora coerulea. They both have actual colorful skeletons – red and blue!… Read More

More about the Organ Pipe Coral!


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