Malawi Cichlids – Haps

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Malawi CichlidsMalawi Cichlids – Haps
"The popular Haplochromis Cichlids and Utaka Cichlids are some very special cichlid beauties from Africa. Facts about their unique habitats, behaviors, and tips for their aquarium care!"

Malawi Cichlids, also called, Haps, are one of the most colorful fish around the world!

The beautiful Malawi cichlids often display bright colors, iridescents, or striking patterns. Many are only surpassed in beauty by the most magnificent specimens of marine tropical fishes.

Lake Malawi Cichlids from Africa have quite interesting behaviors, are very active, and most of them have successfully been bred in captivity. The Malawi Cichlids are very popular among aquarists, due to their beauty and personalities… Read more

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