Dog Breeds: The Basset Hound

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Basset Hound

Want a small dog that also has a superior sense of smell? You could be in the market for that dog breed that represents fine shoes everywhere. We are talking about a Basset Hound.


Though they are short in stature, this dog has been highly prized on the European continent. It is related to the bloodhound which is known for its hunting ability and better than average sniffer. This dog was bred early as a hunting dog. Some wanted it to be used as a companion dog. There was a big argument amongst breeders who wanted one but not all of these traits for their dogs.

When the Basset Hound finally came to America, breeders decided that it could be a show dog, a companion dog and a hunting dog all in one. In fact, as a hunting dog, it was a better retriever for those who were on foot since it was slower than dogs with longer legs. Even President George Washington owned Basset Hounds.


This small dog has a sweet disposition and is generally well-behaved. If you ever encounter a Basset Hound that is vicious with you or others, it could be a sign of a problem at home. Basset Hounds are pack dogs like many other breeds. It is important for them to know who the pack leader in the home is. When the pack leader is not clearly defined, this can lead the dog to try and assume the position.

Basset Hounds are stubborn. Housebreaking is often difficult with them. When they latch onto a smell, especially of a small animal, it is hard to refocus them to the task at hand. Early on, teach them the rules of the house. Offer positive reinforcement for good behavior and a proper training environment.

They are quite affectionate when they feel that things are as they should be in the home. Sometimes they do tricks for food.


You have seen these dogs on shoe boxes and in commercials for years. They have a low body that is short and heavy. They are prone to bloat and also weight gain that can lead to problems with their hips and legs.

Their features remind you of a sad puppy dog. Their eyes are large and sunken in a rounded well-proportioned skull. Ears are soft and hang almost to the ground. Skin is loose on their body. They have large paws and a well rounded body. In show, there are no real rules on color. Most Basset Hounds are white, red, white and chestnut, black or tan.

Their coat is dense and shiny. Regular brushing will keep it under control. Only wash the dog if it is warranted. Wipe the ears and trim claws regularly.


Basset Hounds are stubborn. A firm but gentle hand is needed. To satisfy their migratory instinct, take him on long daily walks. You don’t need a big yard or even a yard at all for this. You can use the park so that he can get rid of nervous energy.

Want a loving dog that is both companion and hunter? Think about owning a Basset Hound.


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