Cat Video Contest – Fresh Step

Check out the Animal-World entry to the Fresh Step contest!

Fresh Step is running a contest where anyone can enter a video of their cat doing something cute, funny, silly, crazy, beautiful, interesting, WHATEVER and have a chance to get their cat featured in a national advertisement!

I just put up my video of my cat, Bridget, doing what she normally does, acting the spoiled princess, and uploaded it to the contest page. Check it out here – Fresh Step Video Contest.

So what do guys think? The most difficult part isn’t finding times when she’s being a prissy or silly kitty, since she basically always does that, but actually having the camera around when she’s doing something video worthy. If you want to enter the contest but are finding it hard to capture that perfect moment, here’s a few tips:

  • Carry your camera with you at all times when your cat is around. You never know when your cat might do the cutest thing ever and you want to be prepared
  • Learn how to control your camera very well. Often cats get bored rather quickly with something, so be sure you can take your video quickly and not mess around with settings or hitting wrong buttons.
  • Either do things or provide things that you know interest or engage your cat. For me it was simply a matter of doing something Bridget hates: getting brushed! Once I start to brush her the video practically makes itself!
  • Finally, and most importantly, take lots of video! Even if your cat seems boring to you, other people might find it to be really cute or unique, so don’t be afraid to fill up your SD card! Then go over the videos and find something special.

So check out the contest, upload your cat, and good luck!

Note: In full-disclosure, this post is part of a sponsorship campaign with Clorox’s Fresh Step Cat Litter’s YouTube contest in coordination with Lijit Networks, Inc. I received compensation for these posts, but the opinions expressed here are my own. I also run third-party advertisements through Lijit, compensated on a CPM-basis.


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