Cat Breeds: The Devon Rex

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Devon Rex

Kittens are cute as buttons. But what if you could have a full grown cat that is still cute as a button? If that appeals to you, then you could be the owner of a Devon Rex in the near future.


If you’ve ever seen a Devon Rex kitten, then you know why they have such appeal. The first Devon Rex was found in England. It was the offspring of a tom cat and a straight haired calico cat. The owner of the calico noticed that one of the kittens had a short curly coat much like its father. It was surmised that the two cats were related since a curly coat is a recessive trait in the Devon Rex. For a recessive trait to be portrayed it has to be present in both parents.

It was believed to be related to the Cornish Rex but subsequent breeding proved otherwise. The first of this breed to hit America happened in the 1960s. It is now recognized as a breed by American cat associations.


This cat is loving, playful and gentle. It has a high activity level and would love the company of an active family with children. They are highly intelligent and curious. Wherever you are, they will want to tag along and see what you are doing.

If you like cats who love to be around you then you have found the right breed. This cat loves to drape across your shoulders and also command your lap. If you let them, they will sleep with you and then wake up in the morning to your hugs and cuddles.

They like active play. If you throw a toy they will retrieve it, ready for you to throw it again. To cut down on their energy, play time each day is essential.


The Devon Rex has a short curly coat. It is composed of three different hairs: guard, awn and down. The hairs on this breed can break off easily. It is not uncommon for them to develop bald patches. These bald spots are not a sign of alarm. The areas fill in when the next hair cycle rolls around. Very little brushing is needed to keep it in line. Simply use your hand to stroke him and he will be groomed.

Often called a “poodle cat” this breed gets a look or two. Besides the tight curly coat, they also have saucer size eyes and large ears that could double as satellite dishes. As kittens they are often thought of as alien cats or pixies. This cat is not prone to a lot of health problems in the breed.


If you don’t mind your cat crawling all over you then you won’t have a problem. Besides normal household rules for your pet, there aren’t any identifiable behavior problems.

Are you looking for an unusual cat that will shower you with love? Consider the “poodle cat” – the Devon Rex!


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