Cat Breeds: The Maine Coon

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Aggressive Cat Behavior

Are you looking for a fluffy, friendly companion? Then consider the Maine Coon cat. He may look like a more aggressive breed of wild cat but he is more like a pussycat.


This cat is actually the second most popular breed in the United States. As its name implies, it is believed to be native to Maine. This cat has been roaming the area for at least a century. Its thick furry coat makes it well-equipped to last during the long Maine winters and also the weather in the rest of New England as well.


This cat may look menacing but he is as gentle as they come. They are quite playful and may even do some tricks if prompted. They love to play fetch with their owners and generally enjoy their company.

You may find that your Maine Coon never meets a stranger. They are easy-going with those they meet for the first time just like they have learned to be with their family. Some refer to them as “gentle giants” because of their size and their tendency for goofing off.

A Maine Coon is equally at home in a quiet house or an active one that has children. It is not a lap cat but will get in the habit of following you around the house. When they speak, their voice is a high chirping trill. They may use their “words” to coax you to play.


The Maine Coon is a large sized tabby cat. They are often brown or brown and white tabby. Some are even chocolate or lavender. It is not uncommon for males and females to grow to between 16 and 20 pounds on average.

Their long coat stands close to their body. Don’t forget their long bushy tail and large tufted ears. They are reminiscent of the appearance of a lynx cat.

The thick coat is made for withstanding the harsh weather but you need to take care when grooming him. Being too aggressive can hurt your cat. Their coat is actually easy to manage as long as you give it a good combing twice a week. This reduces the amount of shedding they do, as well as hairballs and matting.

What about a bath? This cat doesn’t mind it if you make it a regular part of the cleaning process from their kitten days.


If you start young, your Maine Coon can be taught to do a number of things. As we said, they love to fetch. They can also learn to stroll around outside on a leash for leisurely walks outside.

As with any cat, training them early can prevent behavioral problems like scratching and biting.

If you are looking for a new pet for your family, consider the second most popular cat breed in America, the Maine Coon.


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