Bird Care Basics

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Bird CareBird Care
“Keeping a pet bird means good bird care! This bird care basics guide includes everything you need to know from bird cages, food and supplies to health care, exercise and safety!”

To have a great pet bird, it must begin with the best bird care!

Many different types of pet birds are available and they can all make amazing pets if given the best of care. Most birds are social creatures and need and love close contact with their owners. Some other birds just love talking and singing which can give you feelings of having a friend there. The largest birds, parrots often become very close friends, loving to nap, sometimes shower, and eat with you! Most just love interaction of any kind.

Taking on a bird as a pet does take some work and dedication as well as some common sense. All birds have the same needs as far as bird care basics are concerned. For instance, every bird needs a cage that is tailored to their size and includes perches, bird feeders with the appropriate food, and fresh water… Read More

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