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Animals help people all the time, but sometimes they can get in pickles of their own!

The absolutely best stories this week are about people helping animals! Heart-warming animal rescues touch us all. There is no greater joy than when people are able to offer a helping hand to our fellow creatures when they find themselves in a pickle.

This is the stuff that embodies the true spirit of the holiday season. But no matter what time of year or whether it’s a dog or cat, horse, turtle or fuzzy little critter, our hearts go out when we find a pet or animal in need. And we are moved by the compassion of people as they help to make things right.

From news stories all across web, here are some awesome examples of people helping animals!

Slithery and crawly friends!

  1. Leona the Loggerhead Turtle goes home!
    Leona, rescued LoggerHead Turtle
    Photo: Robbie Reynolds

    Leona is an endangered Loggerhead Turtle that was washed up on shore in Co Clare last year. Close to death and thousands of miles from her home, for months she was nursed back to health at the Galway Atlantaquaria. Then Aer lingus generously gave her a seat on their commercial airlines and flew her back to her home on the Canary Islands!
    VIDEO: Leona the turtle goes home!

  2. Rescued reptiles get new homes at a school!
    Injured reptiles first get treatment at the Karingal Veterinary Hospital, and then they to move into a wonderful new home. The Reptile and Turtle Sanctuary at Kananook Primary School has rocks and native landscaping along with two ponds. So far 2 turtles and 2 Blue-tongue lizards are already enjoying their new home and will soon be joined by some Brown Tree Frogs!
    Injured reptiles find new home at Kananook Primary School

  3. Alligator and tarantula rescued from a blazing home!
    American Alligator rescued
    photo: Snohomish County Fire District 5

    An American alligator, estimated to be 4 to 6 feet long, and a tarantula were rescued by firefighters from the garage as they battled the flames of a burning home in Sultan, Washington. The tarantula was a pretty easy save, but it was quite a feat to wrangle the alligator. Even though it was a youngster, these guys can actually grow up to about 15 feet in length, and can be feisty at any age!
    Alligator, tarantula rescued from Sultan house fire

  4. Indian Rock Python, rescued by villagers!
    Captured in a field near Kurakkanapalli village in India, the endangered Indian Rock Python was 10 foot long! A species protected by the Indian Wildlife Act, 1972, the villagers turned it over to the forest department to be released in the reserved forest in Neralagiri and Veepanahalli. The population of these snakes is increasing, and looking for warmer climates, they are starting to migrate into villages. More than 95 have been captured in villages just since November.
    Rescued rock python returns to natural habitat

Man’s best friends!

  1. Dogs will stick their heads in the strangest places!
    Baby Dog’s head stuck in pipe
    Photo: Via KBOI 2 News

    Baby Dog, a 3 year old Jack Russell terrier, managed to slip away from her owner. She was found the next morning with her head lodged firmly inside a heavy pipe. Neither the owner nor the veterinarian could get it out, so called in the Boise Fire Department, who got her unstuck in less than an hour. She’s in the hospital but doing fine!

  2. Not to be out done, here’s another stuck dog!
    This stray in Kern County, California was found with its head stuck in machinery at a manufacturing company. It took olive oil to get this stray dogs head out!
    Firefighters Use Olive Oil to Rescue Stray Dog

  3. Senior dog rescued from drowning in a river!
    Duchess, senior dog rescued

    Duchess had been missing for a week when found by two women near the rising Sydney River in Coxheath, Nova Scotia, Canada. This senior dog was being treated for an ear infection and the medication which had caused her to become disoriented. Trapped by rocks and concrete near the rising waters, she was rescued by the Volunteer Fire Department and re-united with a much relieved owner!
    Senior Lost Pet Gets Rescued from River and Reunited with Owner


  1. Ask yourself, how did this horse get stuck in a well?
    Horse named Albert stuck in a well
    Photo: Europics

    Albert, a four year old horse, jumped a security fence and went to inspect a hole in the ground. The plastic around the well was slippery, and in he went. Fortunately he was unhurt, and quite vocal! So was quickly found and rescued.
    Silly horse gets himself stuck in a well

  2. And another pony… stuck in a slurry pit!
    This pony fell into a slurry pit near Wellington, Shropshire, UK, and got stuck. It took fire crews from two different stations about 2 hours to get this fellow out.
    Shropshire pony Chester rescued from slurry pit

  3. Nine year old girl finally reunited with her lost Shetland Pony!
    A Shetland pony found wandering the streets in Riverside County, California. She was lost for about a week when rescued by a shelter and finally reunited with her young owner.
    Mystery Solved: Pony Found Wandering Street Reunited With Girl

Smallest furry friends!

  1. Puppies… and a Guinea Pig are rescued from a house fire!
    Kelly, rescued guinea pig
    Photo: Robert Allen, Detroit Free Press

    Kelly the guinea pig, was not to be left behind. Firefighters pulled the 15 Pit Bull puppies and this cute little critter from the basement of the burning home.
    Detroit firefighters save puppies, Guinea pig from blaze

  2. This new owner got way more than just a pet hamster!
    Crazy rescue of a little hamster named Poppy that was determined to go on an adventure!
    Dramatic rescue for daring pet hamster Poppy

Winged friends!

  1. Young Loon is rescued from a lake by local residents!

    This loon, born on the Pike Lake of west Quebec, Canada last summer, became trapped in the rapidly encroaching ice. Its parents and siblings had already left for warmer climates, but this guy was still too busy enjoying his fish. Fortunately, the locals saw him and came to the rescue! He’s now in the Wild Bird Care Centre.
    Trapped loon rescued by west Quebec residents

  2. Then the Loon’s best friend, a goose, gets rescued!
    The loon had a friend. A young Canadian Goose that also didn’t go with his family to warmer climates, but he would go out and visit the loon! Because he’s instinct is only to fly with a flock, he is now being rescued too.
    Loon recovers in shelter, as locals plan goose rescue

Aquatic animals!

  1. Stowaways rescued at an aquarium… for years!
    When you stow aboard another animal, you really don’t know where you’ll end up. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has been finding stowaways for 30 years, and finding them homes!
    Monterey Bay Aquarium: 30 years of stowaways

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Photo collage images Via KBOI 2 News.


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