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The best news this week are the awesome pet and animal “best friends” stories!

The best topics range from an unlikely brotherhood of nature’s most vicious predators, to horses, cats, dogs, and even ducks… all buddying up!

There was the usual chatter on social media and in the news this week, with hundreds of items that all beg for attention. But the question in my mind is… What stuff really moves me?

What I found to be really moving is that awesome capacity for love and companionship between different sorts of animals. Among all the stories on the web, here are the most moving topics that really caught my eye this week.

incredible animal “best friends” stories that made the news this week

  • Unexpected friendship between predators!”
    Best friends; Bear, Lion, Tiger, Photo courtesy Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary on Facebook

    Here’s the only bear, lion and tiger in the world that live in the same enclosure. These three critters were just cubs when they were discovered in the basement of a home during a drug raid in 2001.

    Scared and hungry, the orphans were taken in and cared for by Noah’s Ark. They seemed to have developed bond and today these unlikely “brothers” are truly inseparable. They eat, sleep and play together, and even groom each other.
    Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary; BLT (bear, lion and tiger) Animal Bio

  • A mother’s love taken to the extreme!
    Great Dane has 19 puppies, Photo courtesy

    As human parents we think it’s a big job to raise 1,2 or 3 kids, so are super impressed when a family has many more. Big kudos goes out for the incredible feat of this beautiful Great Dane from York County, Pennsylvania.

    Snowy is not only gorgeous but she has some serious stamina, she just gave birth to 19 pups! A normal litter for this breed is between 7 to 10 pups so you can just imagine how surprised her owners were.
    Great Dane in York Haven, Pennsylvania has Nineteen Puppies

  • How about this for a new friend?

    Sure Mango the “fat cat” is a little short in stature, but despite their size (and species) differences… this looks like it’s a match!

    Piper is miniature horse, and a pretty small one at that. But when it comes to making friends, they both want in. Piper and Mango have wonderful lives. Piper hangs out with 3 other mini horses and 2 full sized horses, along with 4 dogs and 4 other cats. But they are true buddies, their owner Kathryn says they are still friends!

  • A buddy with an appetite… and a pouch!
    African pouched rat, Photo courtesy Gooutside, public domain

    This adorable little critter is a giant African pouched rat. But he is both tamed and trained, and loves getting hand-fed a reward.

    Not everyone aspires to have a large rodent for a friend, but these giant rats are pretty cool. They have pouches in their cheeks, just like hamsters, so can carry their dinner (or even their bedding!) around with them. This fellow is good sized with a body that reaches almost a foot and a half in length with a long scaly tail that’s another 18 inches. So it’s actually the size of a small dog, thank goodness it is so smart!
    Cricetomyines: the African pouched rats and mice

  • So… a duck does NOT have to be dinner?
    Duck and Cats are best friends, Photo courtesy Bea Chang, via WLTX News

    These 2 adorable little cats were going about their business, when one day their humans decided to put a house right next door to their house. Now this would not seem strange, except for the fact that the new neighbor was, of all things, a duck named Penny!

    Well when the cats, Sheldon and Leonard, sidled up to their food and water bowls, Penny just pushed right in. She decided to come to dinner, not be dinner. Now they gather together each morning and spend the rest of the day as an inseparable threesome.
    Adorable Duck is Best Friends with Two Cats

  • What could be more fun than a game of tug-of-war!

    A horse (quarter horse / Mustang mix) named Mister and his buddy Jasmine, a sweet pit bull, are having a blast! When it comes to a good game of tug-of-war size just simply doesn’t matter, neither does being two totally different animals. How’s that for a lesson in friendship

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Photos collage images (top) are provided courtesy of Dr. Jungle’s Pets and Animal Photos and Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary on Facebook.


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