Adopting a Rescue Dog

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Adopting a Rescue Dog

Animals bring something special to your life. If you are looking for a dog why not consider a rescue dog? Here are some things to know about adopting one.

There are advantages to a rescue dog. First, you are saving a life. For whatever reason, this dog has been taken to the pound. Sometimes owners get more than they bargain for but it is their pet that pays the ultimate price.

Second you are giving a dog a loving home. Dogs are some of the most loving creatures on earth. Even if you treat them in an unkind way they will remain loyal, giving you chance after chance to make it right. Abused dogs need someone who will return that love and you are now it.

Third, you are getting a great bargain. It doesn’t cost as much to adopt a shelter dog so you can secure a canine companion without too much of an initial cash layout.

What to Know about a Rescue Dog

It is a good thing to give a home to a dog that needs one, but know what you are getting into before you make that decision. One reason is that you could do the animal more harm than good. Pets that are returned to the shelter over and over don’t have a very long life expectancy there. They are labeled troublesome and usually the first to be put down.

These dogs could have physical problems. The shelter or rescue group will do their best to identify any physical issues resulting from the abuse. But there is a chance that these things won’t show up for months or years to come.

Rescue dogs can have emotional problems. With the cycle of abuse or abandonment, can come a fear of humans. It may take some time to get this under control but you can do it with the help of a dog trainer and some TLC.

You probably won’t get any pedigree papers. These dogs can be of any breed or mix. So, be ready for the unexpected. They might be small now but grow to become a medium or large size dog.

Taking your Dog Home

Allow your new dog to smell and get to know you first. Don’t put fingers through the bars of the cage. Stand to the side, avoiding direct eye contact and then hold your hand in front so they can sniff it at will and see that you are not a threat.

Then, take them for a long walk. This dog has been caged for a long time and needs to burn off some energy. If not, they won’t be able to focus and obey when you get them home. Try walking around your neighborhood so they can become familiar with the area of their new home.

Teach him to heel on the leash from the beginning. Your dog is looking for you to be their pack leader. Don’t allow them to walk in front of you even when exercising. Keep them at your side or behind you, demonstrating that you are the alpha.

It may take a few weeks for your dog to learn their place in the order of your home. Be patient with your rescue animal and you will have a true companion for life.


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