Adopting a Kitten

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Adopting a Kitten

Adopting a Kitten: The Basics

Are you in need of a new companion for your home? Maybe a pet will help to bring new purpose into your life. If you are looking to adopt a kitten, here are some basics you might want to know first.

The Benefit of Pets

Pets are loving and kind. They do need training in socializing with their new family, but they give back so much in return. If you are a cat person, then you might want to think about adopting a kitten. That cute little ball of fur can capture your heart just there.

Beyond the cuteness, pets are beneficial in the health department for owners. Pets are sensitive to the feelings and moods of their owners. They will also provide comfort when you feel down. Research shows that pets can help lower blood pressure, lift your mood, and boost immunity. We could all use that.

But, just like any other change in your life, it is best to make an informed decision. Keep reading to find some basic information on adopting a kitten and welcoming them into your home.

Kitten Basics

1. Research the breeds – Different cat breeds have different characteristics. If you like to snuggle with your pet, choose a cat that loves to lavish affection and be cuddled as well. Also check with health issues. You will be responsible for the pet for their lifetime so know what you are getting into upfront.

2. Check with local shelters – There are many homeless pets who need a good home. Before going online, check locally for a kitten that might meet your needs. Places like PetSmart also offer adoption services. If you have experience with cats, consider a rescue group. Try them on for size. Hold a few to see how you feel with each of the kittens.

3. Prepare your home – Your kitten will need several things: food bowls, carrier, toys, litter box, food and a bed for a start. Do as much preparation as you can for your new arrival.

4. Ask questions
– Check to see that immunizations have been done. Also decide if you want to spay or neuter your pet or if it has already been done. What about grooming? Trim claws. How about litter box training? Has it been done or do you need to accomplish it?

5. Visit the doctor – Find a veterinarian in your area that you like. Interview a few to find one who is sensitive to your needs. Make a visit soon after you bring your kitten home.

6. Make time – Your new kitten needs as much attention as a baby. They need to be litter trained, played with, and taught how to act. Account for these needs in your daily schedule for at least several months.

A kitten is a precious gift of companionship for any family. Learn the basics of what to do when adopting a kitten.


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