A Saltwater Admiration: The Flame Angelfish

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Flame AngelFlame Angel
“Oh yeah baby, I have it all: Color is my nickname and flame is my game!”

The Flame Angelfish is the dwarf angelfish for you if you love beauty!

A common dwarf angelfish in the saltwater industry is the beautiful Flame Angelfish Centropyge loricula. It is an extremely colorful pygmy angel and many saltwater enthusiasts plan to have one sooner or later! They are called ‘flame’ because they are colored similarly to fire flames! They are reddish orange with several vertical black lines running down their body. Their dorsal and anal fins have a bright blue color on their tips to top it off! There is a larger Angelfish, the King Angelfish Holacanthus passer which has similar colors while it is a juvenile, but as an adult does not have nearly the coloration.

The Flame Angelfish is often a good fish for casually experienced saltwater fish owners. Their care is moderately easy, however they should be watched closely if you plan to put them in a reef environment. In reefs they will sometimes ruin the corals, sponges and other reef inhabitants. This is true of most pygmy angelfish – they can be little mischief makers sometimes! They can often live peacefully with most invertebrates, but as the Flame Angelfish becomes older there is a higher chance that they will being nipping at any sessile (non-moving) invertebrates. And of course, the larger your aquarium, the less you will have to worry about problems occurring. If your reef is over 100 gallons, there will be more room and the angels won’t feel as territorial and will therefore will do less damage to any other particular specimens. As a general rule you will not want your aquarium to be less than 30 gallons for these fish, but to make sure they thrive you will want to provide at least a 75 gallon aquarium… Read More

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