A Dogs Life in Luxury

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A Dogs Life in Luxury

Author: Liam Condit
Company: dogbeds.co.uk

For us, beds are an important and comforting entity that we just couldn’t live without, and the same goes for dogs. Besides food and water, a dog bed is a necessity for the life and well-being of your pet. Not only do they provide security and private space for the dog, but also a good dog bed can provide elderly dogs with support for their joints and bones, especially those that may have arthritis. Dog beds are also a very useful tool for keeping your house clean, with all the hair being concentrated in one place. What’s important is that although every dog needs a bed, it should also the right bed for your dog.

Danish Design Rambla Bed Nest

This dog bed serves as the king of dog beds, with its classic horseshoe shape, and luxuriously padded cushioning, it is a dog bed fit for royalty. After a hard days walk or a day in the field, the nest offers your pet the maximum possible amount of comfort and relaxation. Available either in a chic lime design for the most fashionable of dog, or a classic beige design for a dog with traditional tastes, this is a dog bed that is not to be missed.

Premium Memory Foam Dog Mattress

Shaped like a regular mattress, the bed offers an unbeatable experience every time your dog goes to sleep. Quite often used for medicinal purposes, memory foam is great for circulation and joints, keeping the body properly supported, prioritizing not one part of the body over another. This means that the Premium Memory Foam Dog Mattress is an excellent choice for elderly dogs and those who suffer from arthritis. The lining of the bed is also waterproof meaning that those occasional accidents aren’t a problem, with the lining being fully machine washable. The bed is also available in light and dark tan, making it a perfect bed for a dog of any breed or age.

Premium Oval Faux Suede Softee Bed

With 360 degrees of cushioning, the oval bed provides your furry friend the perfect armchair experience, all from his own private bed space. Hard-wearing and practical, the bed also offers a luxurious memory foam base, perfect for the dog that is looking for that ultimate nights sleep. Available in a range of different sizes and two different colours, the bed is the perfect product for a dog who takes nothing less than the best.

Rectangular Heavy Duty Basket Weave Softee Bed

With its ultra soft walled covering, the Soft bed is probably the best dog bed available for under £100. The intricately crafted material ensures that the bed is one of the strongest and most durable within its range, whilst at the same time, offering your dog the highest possible comfort and quality that necessitates a good nights sleep. The thick yet superbly soft base offers your dog the cushioning that it needs, whilst being machine washable and offering the long lasting protection that you need. Like all the others, the bed is available in a variety of sizes and two different colours, suiting not only your dog, but also the home in which your dog lives.

Rectangular Faux Suede Softee Bed

Similar to the Basket Weave Softee bed, the Faux Suede Softee Bed is a product designed primarily for making your pet happy and comfortable. With its thickly cushioned walls and brilliantly soft base, the bed is a high quality product that is made to last night after night with your dog. Also, the entirety of the bed can be machine washed, making hygiene a top priority for you and your dog.


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