A Bird Guide to Conures

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“Here is everything you know about conures, as well as a few things that you may not know about them!”

Conures are large parrots who come in small packages – they are comical,

affectionate and beautiful!

Conures are members of the parrot family, but are actually one of the smaller to medium sized parrots. They can make wonderful pets! Conures have cone shaped tails, which is what the word “conure” actually means! They can be found in the wild throughout the new world, including southern and central regions of America.

Conure parrots have tapered tails and generally slender bodies which distinguishes them from some of the larger parrots. They can be quite hyper, with energetic personalities, and attractive colors – both of which make them desirable pets. They are also quite intelligent birds, they can learn to talk, they love to play, and they even have a sense of humor!

Many people say that conures are like miniature macaws because they have all their great colors, personalities, and other qualities of macaws, yet they come in smaller sizes! They do have large heads with very powerful beaks and come in several color varieties… Read More

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