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What’s the coolest news this Week? Hamster musicians, robotic parrots, marine fish on postage stamps, and 8 more juicy items!

To help you stay up to date with what’s happening on social media and the news, our Pet and Animal Roundup scans through the web chatter.

There are hundreds of articles and blogs items to choose from, but our question this week is… What are the coolest? It’s a tough job with so many items that are news worthy items, but some really stand out.

Among all the squeaks, squawks and chattering, here are 11 of the coolest news worthy pet and animal topics that caught our attention this week. The 5 very best and 6 more choice selections that are cute, exciting, unbelievable, smart, inspirational, and of course…dumb!

Coolest 5 topics in the News this week

  1. New postage stamps with endangered marine fish!
    A gorgeous set of 12 stamps has just been released United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) that depicts endangered species through beautiful artwork. The artwork for this series was created by the American artist Amadeo Bachar who has a background in marine biology and scientific illustration.
    Endangered Species Postage Stamps for 2014 Released
  2. Hamster musicians!

    Hamsters are so versatile, but who would have thought these little guys could be musicians
    This Hamster Jazz Band Lands Commercial!

  3. Fish like to have fun too!
    The name of the game is “thermometer-bopping!” Playful behavior in mammals is well documented, but now scientists have found that fish are playful too. Of course we fish keepers have known this for years!
    Fish Want to Play Too
  4. Giving community cats a hand!
    What a great way to help those outside cats! This guide will show you how to build a shelter, and then you can put out warm water and food. Of course if you can spay and neuter, that will help immeasurably too.
    Building Winter Shelters for Community Cats
  5. Incredible life-like robotic parrot!

    Brian Matthews created what is probably the world’s first 3D printed robotic parrot. This intricately designed robotic parrot is really quite incredible, depicting almost real-life parrot action.
    Man Designs and 3D Prints an Incredible Robotic Parrot That Moves Like a Real Bird


  • Hamster bartenders are the best!
    A visit to this little guy’s establishment will give you the best bar experience ever. Start with some spirits and then a meal, yes, sushi’s on the menu. And you can read the newspaper while you wait!
    This Little Hamster Has His Own Bar, Serves Up Cuteness


  • Endangered frogs are being rediscovered… and new discovered!
    Herpetologists all over the world have been reporting sudden disappearances of all sorts of frogs. Hundreds of frog species may have become extinct, but nobody actually knows. In a campaign to find endangered frogs species that seemed to have disappeared are turning up, as well as brand new species.
    Toad haul


  • Are dams a good idea?
    Dams may seem like a good idea. But the unintended consequence is the loss of many fish and animals species. Developing countries desperately need electric, and are planning to expand hydroelectric power. It has long been known that many fish have already disappeared when waterways are dammed, and the future looks bleak for even more…
    The Hidden Cost Of Hydroelectric Power


  • Zoos and aquariums are saving endangered animals from extinction
    The breeding programs of America’s zoos and aquariums are making a difference in the fight to save endangered animals. They are impacting the survival of an incredible diversity of critters from the Florida manatee, California condor, Hawaiian crow, Puerto Rican crested toad, and Chinese alligator to the American bison.
    A rare victory in the battle against global climate change – more than 30 endangered species brought back from the brink of extinction thanks to America’s accredited zoos and aquariums.
    Give Thanks for Species Rescued From the Brink of Extinction



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