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What’s the best news this Week? Pet and animal stories that are inspiring and fun!

Newborn tiger triplets, frog named after Ozzy Osbourne, falcon in the pigeon house, turtles with ribcages, and 6 more exciting items!

To help you stay up to date with what’s happening on social media and the news, our Pet and Animal Roundup scans through the web chatter.

There are hundreds of articles and blogs items to choose from, but my question this week is… What are the most inspiring? Tons of news worthy pet and animal items caught my eye, but it was the highly inspirational stories that really peak my interest this week.

Animals themselves are awesome, but when you throw humans in the mix it can be downright inspiring and cute! Among all the squeaks, squawks and chattering on the web, here are 11 of the most inspiring news worthy pet and animal articles that caught my attention this week.

The 10 most inspiring articles in the News this week

  1. Three adorable newborn “kittens!”

    Rare Sumatran tiger triplets are the brand new arrivals at Tacoma, Washington’s Point Defiance Zoo. They are just 3 weeks old but are healthy and thriving. They now live with their mother, Jaya, in the Asian Forest Sanctuary.
    Triplets! Zoo welcomes rare Sumatran tiger cubs

  2. Millions of kids benefiting from the “Pets in the Classroom” Program
    This program, which started about six years ago, is funded through pet industry grants and overseen by three of the top pet industry associations. Around 66,000 teachers have been able to bring pets into their classrooms. More than 2 million kids have been reached so far, and that’s just over half their goal.
    Pets in the Classroom Has Reached More Than 2 Million Kids
  3. Animal Planet to feature “Yankee Jungle,” an exotic animal sanctuary
    The film tracks a day in the life of the animal sanctuary owners, Bob and Julie Miner. Their sanctuary covers 42 acres and is home to more than 200 animals. Exotics such as lemurs and panthers will be seen as well as native Maine species and barnyard animals.
    Mount Vernon animal sanctuary to be featured in Animal Planet show
  4. Newly discovered tree frog with a bat-like croak named for Ozzy Osbourne
    A month long expedition in the Brazilian Amazon led to the discovery of a new species of tree frog with a shrill, bat-like call. The scientists who found it are naming it after Ozzy Osbourne.
    New “Bat Frog” Found in Amazon, Named for Ozzy Osbourne
  5. Talking Hamster ranger “The Lone Hammy,” pursues a rascally rabbit.

    In a SteveKat production featuring a “talking hamster and bunny,” The Lone Hammy goes after a thieving rabbit known as “Bugsy” whose lifetime of crime must stop… he must be brought to justice!
    Hammy the Hamster Stars in The Lone Hammy

  6. Delightful story! Falcon visits a pigeon keepers New York apartment.
    A 56 year old gentleman, Mr. LeClerc, tells a recent tale of how a Red-tailed hawk followed his pigeons into his home. Now falcons and pigeon’s don’t mix, but this man was unruffled and easily handled the situation… and the hawk! His lifetime passion for birds led him from being a falconer to pigeon keeping in his New York apartment.
    A Soul Steadied by Pigeons Stays True as Feathers Fly
  7. Retired gentleman turns his full attention to his family’s farm.
    Part fishing farm, the land is covered with ponds where he grows silver and jade perch with a new addition of Red Claw crayfish, and it has a section open to guest fishing. But what’s really cool is the sustainable use of water. Ponds and fish tanks provide nutrient rich fish water that is used to irrigate cane fields and hydroponic vegetable crops, all without chemicals or fertilizers!
    Sugar mill director retires to expand his family’s fish and fruit farm
  8. Cute baby animals help students ‘stress less’ before exams.
    A petting zoo is set up by a university in Australia. Irresistibly cute animals are part of a ‘stress less’ strategy designed to help students out just prior to their final exams.
    Cat’s calming! University gives students cute animals to help them stress less in the lead up to exams
  9. Can you believe it! Turtles with ribcages breathing just like people.
    An ancient fossil from South Africa indicates that before the shell developed, early turtles use to breathe just like humans.
    Ancient turtles used to breathe like humans

Clarice Brough is a team member at Animal-World.com and has contributed many articles and write-ups.

Photos and collage images provided courtesy of Animal-World.com: Dr. Jungle’s Pets and Animal Photos and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, WA.


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