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Golden Angelfish Fact Sheet
Golden Angelfish - 05-02-13
The Golden Angelfish is uncomplicated in its color pattern, but it is quite spectacular as an aquarium pet!
Herald's Angelfish - 05-01-13
The beautiful Herald's Angelfish is a lively lemon color, making a dramatic showpiece in nice rock-filled aquariums!
Eibli's Angelfish - 05-01-13
The eye catching Eibli's Angelfish makes an attractive addition to both fish only aquariums and select reef environments!
Colin's Angelfish - 04-29-13
The Colin's Pygmy Angelfish is a wonderful little fish that is now being bred in captivity and becoming more regularly available to the hobby!
Tropheus Species Fact Sheet
Tropheus Cichlids - 04-24-13
There are many beautiful Tropheus species that are popular and readily available!
Giant Red Tail Gourami Fact Sheet
Giant Red Tail Gourami - 04-24-13
The Giant Red Tail Gourami is a very large fish, and definitely the most attractive of the giant gourmis!
Giant Gourami Fact Sheet
Giant Gourami - 04-19-13
The Giant Gourami is the largest of all labyrinth fishes...big, powerful, and an overall awesome fish!
Siamese fighting fish Fact Sheet
Siamese fighting fish - 04-16-13
The Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish, and has been part of the hobby for a very long time!
Callochromis macrops Fact Sheet
Callochromis macrops - 03-23-13
The Callochromis Macrops has such big bold eyes, it is referred to as the 'Large-Eyed' Mouthbrooder!
Tanganyikan Butterfly Fact Sheet
Tanganyikan Butterfly - 03-23-13
The Tanganyikan Butterfly is a uniquely beautiful cichlid, but challenging to keep!