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Cylinder Cichlid Fact Sheet
Cylinder Cichlid - 02-25-13
The Cylinder Cichlid is not only attractive, but is easier to care for than other Tanganyika fish!
African Butterfly Peacock Fact Sheet
African Butterfly Peacock - 02-20-13
African Butterfly Peacocks are cichlids that are highly variable in color, but each individual is bright and breathtaking!
Paradise Fish Fact Sheet
Paradise Fish - 02-17-13
The Paradise Fish was one of the first tropical fish in the trade, and the start of the aquarium hobby!
Sexfasciatus Fact Sheet
Sexfasciatus - 02-15-13
The Sexfasciatus is handsome and durable, it will definitely hold its own in a mixed African cichlid tank!
Frontosa Fact Sheet
Frontosa - 02-15-13
Look no further than the Frontosa Cichlid for a majestic and commanding presence in your aquarium!
Five-Bar Cichlid Fact Sheet
Five-Bar Cichlid - 02-12-13
The Five-Bar Cichlid is a captivating beauty that will make your aquarium an eye catching showcase!
White-Tailed Brichardi Fact Sheet
White-Tailed Brichardi - 02-12-13
The White-Tailed Brichardi is absolutely one of the most elegant of the Lake Tanganyika cichlids!
Fairy Cichlid Fact Sheet
Fairy Cichlid - 02-12-13
The Fairy Cichlid is graceful and hardy, making it an ideal Tanganyika Cichlid for the beginner!
Venustus Fact Sheet
Venustus - 02-10-13
The Venustus has long been a favorite among cichlid lovers because of its looks and intelligence!
Electric Blue Hap Fact Sheet
Electric Blue Hap - 02-10-13
The dazzling Electric Blue Hap is one of the most popular Lake Malawi Cichlids in the hobby!