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Four-striped Damsel Fact Sheet
Four Stripe Damselfish - 05-17-15
The Four-stripe Damselfish is handsome and hardy, but gets an attitude as it ages!
Three Striped Damsel Fact Sheet
Three Striped Damsel - 05-14-15
The pretty Three Stripe Damsel is one of the few damselfish that keeps its stripes for life!
Domino Damsel Fact Sheet
Domino Damsel - 05-10-15
The Domino Damselfish imitates a "domino" in their juvenile coloration!
Black-bar Chromis Fact Sheet
Black Bar Chromis - 05-06-15
The Black-bar Chromis, both gorgeous and durable, makes a terrific saltwater aquarium fish!
Blue-green Chromis Fact Sheet
Blue Green Chromis - 04-30-15
The Blue-green Chromis is peaceful, even as an adult, and can be kept with many other community fish!
Tanganyika Cichlids Fact Sheet
Tanganyika Cichlids Facts - 02-26-15
The scope of Lake Tanganyika cichlids includes the most unique and most costly fish in the world!
Zebra Cichlids Fact Sheet
Zebra Cichlids - 02-26-15
The dynamic Zebra Cichlids are some of the most popular cichlids from Lake Malawi!
Peacock Cichlids Fact Sheet
Peacock Cichlids - 02-26-15
Peacock cichlids are surpassed in color only by the most superb marine tropical fishes!
Malawi Cichlids Fact Sheet
Malawi Cichlid Haps - 02-26-15
Malawi Cichlids known as "Haps" are the most colorful of fishes in the world !
Large South American Cichlids Fact Sheet
Large South American Cichlids - 02-26-15
Large South American Cichlids are majestic looking fish that make impressive show specimens!