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Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish Fact Sheet
Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish - 06-20-15
The Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish is a beauty, but it does have a bit of "devil" in its personality!
Blue Devil Damsel Fact Sheet
Blue Devil Damselfish - 06-19-15
The flashy Blue Damselfish is a brilliantly colored small damsel, but with a big attitude!
Rolland's Damselfish - 06-14-15
The hardy mild-mannered Rolland's Demoiselle is a wonderful addition to an aquarium!
Starck's Demoiselle - 06-13-15
The beautiful Starck's Demoiselle is highly prized, and much sought after by aquarists!
Azure Demoiselle Fact Sheet
Azure Damselfish - 06-12-15
The pretty Azure Demoiselle is a personal favorite for both beginner and experienced marine hobbyists!
Yellowtail Blue Damsel Fact Sheet
Yellowtail Blue Damselfish - 06-11-15
The Yellowtail Damselfish is a good fish for the beginner as it is hardy and inexpensive!
Talbot's Damsel - 06-10-15
The Talbot's Damsel is a pretty and graceful damselfish with an awesome personality!
Canary Damsel Fact Sheet
Canary Deep Water Damsel - 05-31-15
The yellow Canary Demoiselle is one of the most beautiful damselfish available!
Striped Damsel Fact Sheet
Cloudy Damsel - 05-18-15
The Cloudy Damsel is lively and quick, making a pretty addition to the aquarium!
Four-striped Damsel Fact Sheet
Four Stripe Damselfish - 05-17-15
The Four-stripe Damselfish is handsome and hardy, but gets an attitude as it ages!