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Black-and-gold Chromis Fact Sheet
Black and Gold Chromis - 07-07-15
The Black and Gold Chromis is so pretty when young, but soon changes in both color and attitude as it grows!
Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish Fact Sheet
Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish - 06-20-15
The Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish is a beauty, but it does have a bit of "devil" in its personality!
Blue Devil Damsel Fact Sheet
Blue Devil Damselfish - 06-19-15
The flashy Blue Damselfish is a brilliantly colored small damsel, but with a big attitude!
Rolland's Damselfish - 06-14-15
The hardy mild-mannered Rolland's Demoiselle is a wonderful addition to an aquarium!
Starck's Demoiselle - 06-13-15
The beautiful Starck's Demoiselle is highly prized, and much sought after by aquarists!
Azure Demoiselle Fact Sheet
Azure Damselfish - 06-12-15
The pretty Azure Demoiselle is a personal favorite for both beginner and experienced marine hobbyists!
Yellowtail Blue Damsel Fact Sheet
Yellowtail Blue Damselfish - 06-11-15
The Yellowtail Damselfish is a good fish for the beginner as it is hardy and inexpensive!
Talbot's Damsel - 06-10-15
The Talbot's Damsel is a pretty and graceful damselfish with an awesome personality!
Canary Damsel Fact Sheet
Canary Deep Water Damsel - 05-31-15
The yellow Canary Demoiselle is one of the most beautiful damselfish available!
Striped Damsel Fact Sheet
Cloudy Damsel - 05-18-15
The Cloudy Damsel is lively and quick, making a pretty addition to the aquarium!