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Fancy Guppies Fact Sheet
Fancy Guppies - 12-04-15
Fancy Guppies are the best known and most popular aquarium fish--and no two look the same!
Swordtail Fish Fact Sheet
Swordtail Fish - 12-04-15
The most popular aquarium fish next to the Guppy is most certainly the Swordtail!
Mollies Fact Sheet
Mollies - 12-04-15
The Molly is colorful, active, peaceful and hardy--truly an aquarist's delight!
Ranchu Goldfish Fact Sheet
Ranchu Goldfish - 11-25-15
Ranchu Goldfish, also called the "King" of goldfish, are some of the most treasured and costly goldfish on the market!
Redcap Oranda Goldfish Fact Sheet
Redcap Oranda Goldfish - 11-25-15
The pretty Redcap Oranda Goldfish is totally white except for its cherry red hood!
Gold-rimmed Tang Fact Sheet
Gold-rimmed Tang - 11-22-15
The Whitecheek Tang is a voracious algae eater... quite beneficial to a productive reef with lots of algae growth!
Squamosa Clams Fact Sheet
Squamosa Clam - 11-19-15
The Squamosa Clam is not overly flashy, but it has a very distinctive, simple beauty of its own!
Maxima Clams Fact Sheet
Maxima Clams - 11-15-15
   The Maxima Clam is the third largest clam, and it's popularity is due to it's "no two are alike" patterned mantles!
Hippopus Clam Fact Sheet
Hippopus Clam - 11-11-15
The Hippopus Clam is a hardy aquarium specimen, and prized for its very colorful and decorative shell!
Gigas Clam - Giant Clam Fact Sheet
Gigas Clam - Giant Clam - 11-06-15
The massive Giant Clam, Tridacna Gigas, is the largest mollusc in the world!