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Glass Anemone Fact Sheet
Glass Anemone - 10-29-16
The Glass Anemone is the small rock anemone most commonly referred to as 'Aiptasia!'
Beadlet Anemone Fact Sheet
Beadlet Anemone - 10-28-16
When it comes to tough, the Beadlet Anemone takes the cake... it's one of the most durable anemones you can find!
Brown Glass Anemone Fact Sheet
Brown Glass Anemone - 10-28-16
The Brown Glass Anemone may not be a hero in the reef tank, but it has a claim to fame in the world of research!
Beaded Sea Anemone Fact Sheet
Beaded Sea Anemone - 10-26-16
The tentacles of the Beaded Sea Anemone are likened to a 'string of beads'... and thus its name!
Bali Fire Anemone Fact Sheet
Bali Fire Anemone - 10-25-16
Divers and aquarists beware of the dangers of the Bali Fire Anemone! It has an extremely powerful sting that is very painful!
Banded Tube Anemone Fact Sheet
Banded Tube Anemone - 10-25-16
The Banded Tube Anemone's fascinating 'night life' is one of it's most intriguing features!
Adhesive Sea Anemone Fact Sheet
Adhesive Sea Anemone - 10-24-16
The colorful Adhesive Sea Anemone has a distinctive look... often described as a Pizza Anemone!
Encrusting Gorgonian Fact Sheet
Encrusting Gorgonian - 01-27-16
The Encrusting Gorgonian is ideal for beginners. It's one of the easiest gorgonians to care for and propagate!
Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian Fact Sheet
Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian - 01-25-16
The Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian is one of the most adaptable corals, easy to care for and propagate!
Corky Sea Finger Fact Sheet
Corky Sea Finger - 01-21-16
The "furry" Corky Sea Finger is a robust beginner's soft coral. It's very easy to care for and reproduce!